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About Synchronous Messages

Synchronous Messages allows you to send information to someone that they will not receive until they have reciprocated. This is useful for gaming applications (like Rock, Paper, Scissors), but other inventive uses have been discovered for it, like preparing secret messages for someone's birthday, that would be revealed all at once to the recipient once they had followed instructions.

Due to the security problems from accepting user input, this is focused on supporting plain-text messages. If you include any formatting, it will be delivered as text, and instead of seeing beautiful bold text, or a Bitcoin mining script, your colleague will only see how you attempted to flout the system.

Batches are customarily removed about a week after they were last updated, but they may be removed more or less frequently.

The new Tutorial gives a tour of how the feature works and should answer most of your questions. Use this address to send me suggestions and bug reports or if you have any other feedback, questions, or complaints.

Version: 1.0.1