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Fractions 2: Multiplying and Dividing
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Simplify all fractions: 3/6 becomes 1/2
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Paradoxically, multiplying fractions is a simpler procedure than adding them.

Simply multiply the numerators by each other, and the denominators by each other, and you're good.

Division is only slightly more complex.

Multiply 'cross-wise': the numerator by the opposing denominator, and the denominator by the opposing multiplier. The first becomes the new numerator, the second the new denominator.

If you like, you can flip the second fraction and treat it as a standard multiplication problem. The result is the same.

This is another situation where it is helpful to understand that fractions are equivalent to decimals, or to division problems. The number can end up larger after division, sometimes to the point where it becomes a whole number, a perplexing outcome when you only understand fractions as sections of pizza.

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