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Terms of Use and Site Rules

Terms of Use - effective beginning 2/7/23

By using the site, you agree to the following terms and conditions:
1. You agree with the Privacy Policy.
2. You agree that I (meaning James Gooch, and/or any representative(s) or corporation(s) I employ or select) and/or this website receive a perpetual license and rights to any content, information, feedback, suggestions, or other data that you submit and that I can do anything with or to it/them that I see fit, albeit your intellectual property rights are otherwise unchanged.
3. You agree that you are fully responsible and liable for anything resulting from your use of and submissions to the website.
4. You agree that I am not responsible, liable, or at fault for any content or information available on this site, nor for any harm, including but not limited to physical, social, emotional, spiritual, mental, or financial, resulting from, connected to, or correlated with anyone's use of, or access to the site, legitimate or otherwise, to the fullest extent permitted by Texas and United States law.
5. You agree that everything pertaining to the website is 'as-is' and that there are no promises or guarantees about its suitability or reliability for anyone's purposes.
6. You agree that the site and features are available at my pleasure and that I am not obliged to maintain, preserve, or restore anything available on the website, user-supplied or otherwise.
7. You acknowledge that as a consequence of the above sections, your account, submissions, etc., may be suspended or deleted by me at any time for any or no reason(s). You agree that such actions do not mitigate or nullify your prior agreement to follow any terms, conditions, rules, or guidelines of using the site.

Principles of User Content and Conduct

My interest as an administrator is not preserving users' freedom of speech, but in maintaining a tranquil atmosphere in line with Christian principles. Anything that disturbs my sense of peace, or that I would feel ashamed for any friend or family member to see, tend not to be in line with that.

This isn't to stifle discussion of serious topics; I want those I interact with to feel comfortable opening up. This isn't to judge those who don't 'measure up' to some standard. It is simply a notice that I'm not inclined to suffer obscene, profane, hostile, disrespectful, and such like conversation if I don't have to, and it seems reasonable that I shouldn't have to on my own website, which you are visiting.

Someone's attitude and direction are what matters most. A contentious person is not likely to tarry long, but if you are trying to get along and are honestly forgetting, we can work with that.