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Amazing how something so simple can stir so much
My Hobbit Hole at 221B Baker Street in Mossflower Wood, Camelot, located in the Hundred Acre Wood somewhere in Evon
"Life is a journey to be experienced, not a problem to be solved." Winnie the Pooh
In a writing mood
About Me:
Well, there are a couple things

I'm a Freshman in High School, live in good ol' Ark 'an Sauce, am in love with all things Tolkien, C.S Lewis, Milne, and Jacques.

Besides that, I am writing my own book entitled "The Bridge of Evon." I hope to publish it one day and make being an author my full time career.

I also am a poet. I've won two national poetry awards and have been the youngest to ever enter my school's Press Club because of it.
Speaking of which, I am also the captain of my school's Quiz Bowl team.

That's me basically. Oh, and one more thing. On here, my nickname type thingy is PoM, and I take on the persona of a Hobbit, something very near and dear to my heart.
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I want the world of Tolkien,
The creatures of Lewis;
The adventure of Jacques,
And the heart of Milne.
But I want the originality of me.

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