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Stumbly chuckled drily.
"Because we're such massive threats. D'ye have mud in yer ears, Max? They threatened to 'ave us killed if we stayed be'ind. Something's wrong here. And I'm going to find out what."
The mouse shrugged her bow from her shoulder and took off into the bushes.

Stumbly looked back towards where they had had their encounter with the otters nervously.
"Maybe you should listen, then. You keep saying how you're not a kid anymore, so start taking an interest in what's happening out there. I heard 'May talking to a couple o' the others about those refugees? That keep flowing past from up north? If you knew what they said, you'd care a lot more about what's going on around here. Your way of life depends on it."
She took a long swig of mead.
"Besides, how could it be their land? Did you SEE them? They looked like the kinds of beasts who are always on the move. And the way they talked didn't make it sound like they were just defending their property. Why would they need to keep a mouse and a squirrel away?"

Suggestions and Concerns / Re: (not) Just another petition
« on: April 12, 2017, 02:44:26 AM »
I'll put up a Matthias poll after this one's done. Editing it now would be a pain.

General Discussion / Re: "Special" Editions
« on: April 12, 2017, 01:23:09 AM »
Ohh, who was it that Faiy and I were talking about who needed their own story. . .

Oh, well definitely Verduga Greeneyes. Perhaps a headcanon fanfic. (I'm tempted to write it.)
Other than that, I'm not entirely sure. . . I feel like a lot of the books are good just the way they are, but vague references would be interesting to have legends or somesuch told about them.

Mortspear, anyone? No?

The otter shook her head.
"Very quiet, yes. Ah... Hold on."
She ducked into the shack built near the docks, and returned holding a small notebook.
"All the reports from the last two seasons. Skip to after our last meeting, and there's only five things recorded. Increased number of Eyeless One sightings, not that that matters any more. Two small bands of vermin sighted in the area, both less than a score. One group wiped out completely when they tried to attack the town. Idiots. Other group caught harassing South-bound travellers and refugees. Town Guard met them at the crossroads, slew about half, and took six prisoners. Prisoners are locked up in the gaol over there, and we lost a couple of survivors, although they probably won't be trouble."
The otter flipped over a page.
"And, the most recent report is a good one for a change. Saul Sharkel's Otterclan has been heading north-east, away from Mossflower. Hellgates, how I've wished for the day I never have to shoo them from this town again. Rowdy bunch of vicious idiots, that clan. And that's our lot. Three threats eliminated, one leaving on their own. Still no more information about this 'Fury' all the refugees are talking about. Could be a myth, or he's got no interest in the South."
She shut the little book and tucked it into her tunic.
"We've had a good season."

At least one of Charm's predictions had been correct. The Otterclan of Saul Sharkel would never again threaten the citizens of Riverblue. At a makeshift camp just past the north-eastern treeline, the clan's fires had burnt down into ashes, and their tents flopped lazily in the wind. Otter corpse upon otter corpse had been tossed into a hasty mass-grave just outside the camp, which was being filled in by several creatures. Vermin and woodlander alike, the creatures attempted to cover their noses between each pile of soil they dumped over the corpses. One of the woodlanders, a squirrel, turned to the rat next to him.
"Hellgates, why'd 'ee order us to do this?"
"What're yew on about, bushtail? The diggin', or the slaughterin'?"
"Why d'ya think, bushtail? If yew was a mighty king like 'is lordship, would yew jus' let a bunch o' 'eavily armed riverdogs sit around on yer new territory? They'd stab us in the back as soon as we conquers this place."
"I... I would actually."
"Yeah? An' why's that?"
"Because I wouldn't bother conquering this place. Nothin' good's ever come out a Mossflower. Sure, sure, there's the stories o' Redwall Abbey. The peaceful stone walls that some'ow kill every army within five miles to the last beast. The treasure, the food, the blood-soaked ground. But what happens when you leave that Abbey? Woods full of bandits, marauders, and savages, with only the occasional tiny hamlet to rest your paws. And the mountain. Don't get me started on that mountain, a stone's throw to the west. We're all gonna die, me filthy friend. Don't matter if Fury kills us, or if the woods do. But we're goin' ta 'Ellgates afore this season's done."
The rat spat into the grave and wiped blood from his nose.
"Aye. But what choice do you 'ave, bushtail? It was either join up willingly, or be conscripted like you."
"What did you do?"
"Joined up. I might be pilin' Earth on top o' these deadbeasts so 'is Lordship doesn't get a sore nose, but at least I gets a good weapon. At least I gets ta sleep under canvas. Look where being 'igh, mighty, an' good got  ye, bushtail."
The squirrel gave a small chuckle.
"What did I just say? We're all dead. The only Northerners still alive are the ones who fled down here as soon as they could. Sure, I was conscripted, and I'll die down 'ere. But so will you. An' if I'd refused the conscription, I'd be dead also. No other thing for it."
"So why're yew 'ere, bushtail? Why don't ye jump in the next river?"
"Because if I'm going to die, I'd rather die fighting."
"Fighting? Fighting for who? Bushtail, matey, it don't matter that yer a treejumper an' the inherent goodness o' this world shines out o' yer rear end, yer still fightin' fer a warlord. And when 'ee gets killed attacking that Abbey, which 'ee will like ye said, cause we all knows he'll go fer that place, then ye'll be buried like these poor riverdogs 'ere. In a mass grave. Unnamed. 'Ated by all."
"If you're so smart, rat, then what do we do? Why did you volunteer to join this marching line straight to the gates o' the Dark Forest? If you know as well as I do that we're both going ta die?"
The rat winked.
"Because I'm fast. An' I intend on runnin' and dodgin' everythin' those woodlanders throw at me, until they leave me alone an' kill 'is Lordship instead. An' when that 'appens, I only has ta run from one army. Not two."
"You're a coward."
"Nah, mate. Nah. I'm just faster than yew. Smarter too."
"Yes, Cap'n, sir."

Stumbly allowed herself to be pulled away from the group of otters, muttering under her breath. As soon as the mouse and her pal were out of sight, she wrenched her wrist free.
"Something's wrong. I've heard of otterclans being quite savage in certain parts of East Mossflower, but there's... something off about them. They don't look like a clan. And this Grenlik... Sound familiar to you? I'd swear I've heard that name mentioned before. May said something about him, or her, before. Or maybe it was the other vixen, the one who left? I can't remember."

At the head of the town guard, Charm trudged back into Riverblue, where Jerrick was waiting at the gate.
"It's done."
The mouse nodded.
"I knew it."
The otter noticed a logboat nearby.
"Is he...?"
"Gruddil's here, yes."
"Thank you."
The otter dismissed the rest of the guard with a wave as she approached the Log-a-log. An older hogmaid took the otter's paw and shook it warmly.
"Many thanks to ye, Charm. The 'orror's we witnessed in that 'Ellhole..."
"It had to be done Amaline."
"I knows that, Charm. Only wish ye'd done it sooner, I do."
"Thank you, Amaline."
The hedgehog disappeared into a shack as Charm hailed the shrew standing nearby.
"Sorry I'm late. Things to do, places to see... Hedgehogs to kill."

Suggestions and Concerns / Re: (not) Just another petition
« on: April 12, 2017, 12:30:15 AM »
You can't exactly be indifferent, unless you just don't vote. ::)

They (or only one of them) either get an award, or they don't. There is no middle ground.

Suggestions and Concerns / (not) Just another petition
« on: April 11, 2017, 11:56:18 PM »
Yes, yes, I know that the Forum Council isn't a thing anymore, but this needs to be a thing.

Remember how we agreed Staff should be allowed to earn awards?

Well I think that two certain administrators have done more than enough for us. James has taken money from his own pocket to create a whole nother forum for us, while Sierra is one of the main reasons we've got the OG Forum back. So let's give them Abbot's Approval!

Suggestions and Concerns / Re: Brockhall
« on: April 11, 2017, 11:28:51 PM »
An update:

I've done some changes. Brockhall is more of a generalised forum, not dedicated to any specific thing. I'm doing quite a few changes, so pop by and check it out. :)

Suggestions and Concerns / What on earth is going on?
« on: April 11, 2017, 01:05:29 PM »
The only boards I'm getting are the Brian Jacques's Works boards, and the Archive. No announcements, no cellars, nothing else. I also can't access my personal messages, which is infuriating, because I've got 1 new message. :p I'd prefer to be able to read my messages before I go.

Cavern Hole / Re: Random Questionnaires!
« on: April 10, 2017, 08:51:22 PM »
Westeros is better.

The Cellars / Re: Forum Prom 3.0!
« on: April 08, 2017, 08:17:44 PM »
Welp, looks like I missed the prom. ::)

Don't bother extending it for my sake, though. I'll tell you why later.

The Cellars / Re: Forum Prom 3.0!
« on: April 05, 2017, 03:19:54 AM »
Keep it nice for one more day

Welp, by the time I get here properly and stop talking via EdwardSnowdenRobot, this place is gonna be a smouldering ruin.

The Cellars / Re: Prom Organization and Sign Up
« on: April 03, 2017, 11:59:47 PM »
Mmm, thunder hawk...

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