Author Topic: April Fools Day Recap: 2017  (Read 403 times)


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April Fools Day Recap: 2017
« on: April 02, 2017, 05:44:41 AM »
It's a hard job, but somebody has to do it.

  • All the staff had their role changed to "Log-a-log"
  • The Forum Council board was implemented.
  • Skyblade was appointed Log-a-log.
  • Chipster of Noonvale was appointed local moderator of Forum Council.
  • A new member, Melanda Macburl registered.
  • Melanda was given the Abbey Recorder award shortly after joining, prompting suspicion from yours truly.
  • Skyblade and Sierra announced their upcoming marriage.
  • Kitsune reportedly was arrested and thrown in jail. This turned out to not be true. Thankfully.
  • Ungatt Trunn and I held public executions for the "joke thieves" (read: everyone else who tried to get promoted to log-a-log, or actually succeeded, as I tried and failed first). Or we tried to execute them anyway.
  • Melanda was promoted to Log-a-log. Suspicions rose even further.
  • I registered a second account, "bidpanda420.5", and caused some havoc. This is a reference to bigpanda420, a spambot who may or may not have been Sierra, that posted some stupid stuff a few weeks ago.
  • Melanda's true nature (Either a staff multi, or an actual new member who was in on the staff's prank) is yet to be determined.

@James Gryphon

You know what to do.

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