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The Cellars / Skarzs' Swol Club
« on: March 05, 2017, 06:58:09 AM »
Swol people only. *Drinks a protien shake.*

Roleplaying / The Undecided
« on: January 25, 2017, 10:24:03 PM »
  Darrin woke up from his slumber to a cold morning, and he rolled over and sat up, quickly noticing that one of his group had let the fire die during the night. He tried not to get angry that they would have to have a cold breakfast that day, but it was hard to do when he just woke up.
  Standing up, the ferret went about, kicking his motley band awake.
  "Alright, you lot, get up! We didn't get as far as we could have yesterday, and since there won't be time to get a decent fire going, we're gonna start marchin' early today."
  A weasel by the name of Grimin moaned in agony as he opened his eyes. "I didn't get no sleep, mate! Give us a little more time t'rest!"
  Darrin looked hard at Grimin. "Alright, we can rest longer." He spoke up again before the group's collective sigh of gratitude had subsided. "But that just means we'll be hanging by our feet skinless when Hacklaw catches up with us! No, we aren't resting longer, we're putting as much distance between that sadist and ourselves!"
  Grimin shot a nasty look at his leader. "Well if you had just given the stuff back to 'im like I said you should, we could still be in the Southlands."
  "Sure, like Hacklaw's the type o' beast who'll just let us return stolen items." Darrin clasped his paws together and fluttered his eyelashes. "'Oh, I'm so sorry for stealing these, I didn't know how important they were to you! Here you go!' 'Thank you, Darrin, and I'm going to completely forgive you for stealing and for letting two of your creatures insult me. Here, have some wine.'" The ferret spat. "Frog feathers!"
  He turned to Marshall, the only fox in his small band. "Alright, Blue, hand out the rations so we c'n get goin'."
  "Excellent, excellent!" Abbot Gerard walked out of the kitchens, wiping steam from his spectacles and setting them back onto the bridge of his nose. He stepped out of the way as a barrel of October ale came thundering through Cavern Hole from the cellars. Food preparations were going well, considering that the Springday feast wasn't for several hours, but it was of no concern to the mouse. He didn't want a repeat of the previous spring feast, which had several setbacks with burnt dishes and broken tables, so he wanted to be extra careful that this feast would be one to remember in the abbey records.
  After all, it was a unique time there at Redwall, with the otters being away on something or another, so the abbey seemed somewhat drained of creatures. However, worry was far from Gerard's mind, as the otters tended to do that every once in a while, and they had always managed without them.
  The mouse wandered about the abbey, smiling at friends he recognized as he searched for the Abbey Warrior, Elijah, to talk to him about catching a fish from the abbey pond.

OOC Roleplaying Discussions / Undecided
« on: January 07, 2017, 11:33:24 PM »
  Darrin and his group have a tendency of getting themselves in trouble. Thankfully, they are also capable of getting themselves out of whatever they find themselves in. Currently, they are in bad blood with a certain growing warlord named Hacklaw, a very large stoat from the southeast lands who is finding his way northwards into Mossflower. Darrin just so happened to steal some items that belonged to the stoat, which may or may not have turned out to be very valuable to him, and some of his gang insulted the warlord in a drunken slurr. They aren't around anymore.
  He decided it was best if they don't stick around, and are going as fast as they can to get as far away as they can from Hacklaw.
  At Redwall, it has been christened the first day of spring, and they are celebrating with a grand feast. Abbot Gerard is overseeing the preparations with the Abbey Warrior. The otters are away, so the abbey seems somewhat empty, but it is lively, and there is little worry for travellers as it has been a time of peace. However, if the unfortunate Darrin should want to join the feast, it might put a strange new life to the land. Was it mentioned that Darrin is a ferret?

Hallo. I'm going to try, once again, to get a decent RP going. This one I am going to try to keep smaller, so first come, first served with the sign-ups.
There are positions open to play:
-Abbey Warrior
-Hacklaw (I will take this character if no one else does)
-One to two vermin from Darrin's group
And of course, you can make characters for yourselves. Limit of three. NPCs are controllable by anyone. "Good" vermin are allowed, but I don't want it to be common.

  I have a basic plot idea, which can be expanded upon. Basically, Darrin shows up, with Hacklaw on his tail. After a short siege, Darrin decides to leave Redwall, but unknown to him, one of his gang takes something. They might get chased after while Hacklaw stays and holds siege. Maybe they'll come back to help. We'll see. ;)

Character sheet.

Age (approximate):
Weapons (optional):
Personality (optional*):
History (optional):

*The reason I say this is optional is that if you want your character to show what he is like as you play him, that's fine.

My character(s).

  Name: Darrin (dAR-in)
  Species: Ferret
  Age: Young adult.
  Gender: Male
  Weapons: A simple, single-handed sword sheathed at his waist, a long dagger on his right, and a small knife in a pouch in his pack.
  Appearance: Darrin is a well-built ferret, not incredibly strong or tall, but definitely holding an air around him that he isn't one to be messed with without consequences. He has the mottled black-tan fur common of ferrets, though his mask-fur is rather faded compared to others'. He wears a brown, long-sleeved tunic, a pair of black pantaloons, and a darker brown cloak that reaches down above his ankles, which is connected at the neck by an iron brooch.
  Personality: While he doesn't have the coolest head around, Darrin still has enough wits to use his brain to get out of situations without becoming too flustered. That said, if something really goes against him, he is no stranger to shouting and arguing. Even though he is a vermin (has been all his life, too, heh!), vulgarity doesn't sit well with him, and he tries to have a semblance of politeness. He doesn't mind helping others, though his reasoning is that if he helps them, then they should help him, and that he shouldn't go out of his way for kindness because, really, how can he help others if he can't help himself first?
  History: Darrin grew up in Southsward with an abusive drunk for a father; his mother died giving birth to him. He ran away when he was seven and never looked back, taking his dagger with him. He was discovered by an old rat, who he travelled with for years. Eventually, they took on some other vermin, and developed a decent group, meandering around the countries, never staying in one place for long. After a while, the old rat passed his leadership on to Darrin, and he has been leading since. They had a run-in with Hacklaw, and caught a deserter for him, but after being a little too lenient with his sleight-of-paw skills, he left in a hurry.

The Cellars / Member You Secretly Want Skarzs to Squash.
« on: January 05, 2017, 08:12:45 PM »
I'm up for hire to squash anyone who gets voted for. I might also consider allowing everyone to know who voted for them to be squashed.
Let the dissentry begin.

Other Works / The Ribbajack
« on: December 27, 2016, 12:57:50 AM »
Has anyone else read this book? I got it for Christmas, and it's very interesting. Not to spoil too much, but a Ribbajack is basically a monster created from a person's mind, and originates from Berma, and I wonder if it's something Brian actually heard about from his time as a sailor. Haven't finished the book, but I will. I definitely recommend others read it.

General Discussion / Non-talking creatures
« on: July 02, 2016, 06:30:50 AM »
So, this may possibly encompass a large range of discussion on all the animals that don't talk or have any real intelligence other than instinct in the series, but I thought I'd start it anyways because of a particular subject that I was curious about.

So, we know that crabs were supposed to be pretty big in the series, as evident by what happened in Mossflower, and in Mariel of Redwall, with the lobster, and it kind of makes sense when comparing the sizes of those crustaceans to mice. However, other animals like insects and spiders weren't so large, despite them being pretty large compared to something like a mouse or shrew.
Why would Brian choose only a couple creatures to be intelligence-less (for lack of a better word) and pretty large while others never changed in size?

The Cellars / Big "Troll" Ant'ony Galletto's Mansion
« on: June 18, 2016, 06:07:05 PM »
Welcome, t' my humble abode. I'm Big Ant'ony, leader of this, my family. If you's wanna join my family, all you gotta do is pay up a bit and do some jobs for me. Then I can offer you my protection, and ya don't have ta worry about no robberies or nuthin'. Why? Cuz when word goes out t'the alleys that you're one o' my family, they's gonna steer clear from you like you was da plague.
But if you cross me, hurt my family, or set down that you ain't wid me, then there ain't nowheres you can go that'll keep you safe.

So, who wants to join my family?

The Cellars / Normal Conversations
« on: June 15, 2016, 12:13:30 AM »
Let's have some nice, normal conversations. You can be silly up to an extent, pretty much as crazy as you would be in real life but any OP fights, PPing, and similar actions are not allowed and must be ignored.

So. . . I just got back from working with my dad, and it feels like my skin has been dried out with concrete dust. (It isn't, but still.) Earned 72 dollars. (Short day.)

The Cellars / GIF.
« on: June 13, 2016, 03:13:10 PM »


Cavern Hole / Pictures from Europe.
« on: June 04, 2016, 05:32:28 PM »
As many of you know, I went to a pilgrimage in Europe some weeks back. A lot of you guys asked for pictures, so here you go, at long last.

Spoiler: ShowHide

St. Paul's Outside the Walls.

The cell St. Paul was kept in before his execution.

We visited some catacombs, the only ones within the borders of Rome, but we couldn't take pictures inside.

Constantine's Arch.

The Colosseum!
You can see the part where they are rebuilding it.

Inside the Colosseum.

The Trevi Fountain.

The Pantheon!

Basilica of St. Agnes.

Church of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem. (Yes, I did get photos of the relics of the Passion.)

Archbasilica of St. John Lateran, the church of the Bishop of Rome: The pope's church.

The beautiful St. Mary Major.

Inside St. Mary Major is the crib Our Lord lay in when He was born.

Dome of St. Peter's Basilica.

Micro-mosaic (NOT a painting) above one of the dozens of side altars in St. Peter's. There are almost no, if any, frescoes or paintings in St. Peter's.

Pope's chair.

Off we went to beautiful, friendly Assisi!

Cathedral of St. Francis.

The incredible Cathedral Santa Maria del Fiore in Florence.

Third biggest dome in the world.

We climbed it. :P

Chartres cathedral.

Chartres main altar.

A fraction of the pilgrims on the walking pilgrimage from Chartres to Paris.

Any of you who have read the Percy Jackson novels might appreciate these two.
Spoiler: ShowHide

This is but a small portion of the pictures I took on my trip. If any of you have questions, I'd be happy to answer!

Suggestions and Concerns / Announcement Response Topic
« on: April 05, 2016, 07:40:28 PM »
This is the topic to respond or comment on any announcements on the forum, like changes that members do not like, or congratulating nominations for moderators or season namers.

In regards to the logo contest, the submissions would need to be in color, correct?

Fan Artwork / Skarzs' Sketches
« on: March 24, 2016, 02:26:25 AM »
  I've been meaning to start this topic since the old forum went down, but I haven't wanted to start it when I had nothing new to show for it. But now, I've finally finished a drawing that has taken forever to do because of when I was able to do it. It is my original roleplaying character: the cougar Argunath.
Spoiler: ShowHide

I'm showing both his lighter, happier side with his close companion [and love] Elmeath, as well as the part of him he keeps within, the Bloodwrath inflicted side that he can let out as he needs to to defeat enemies. Were it not for Elmeath, though, he may stay in his berserk state for hours until he goes unconscious, and if she were to die, it may become even more dangerous.

(.75 of full size.)

Here's a picture I had previously drawn of him during his fights in the Wildcat Attack RP.
Spoiler: ShowHide

So. . . Yeah.

If you want a request, it's first come first served. However, I would like only one request at a time, as my schedule is busy, I have little time for drawing nowadays, and I have no guarantees as to when requests will be finished.

The Cellars / Punny jokes.
« on: March 02, 2016, 12:00:26 AM »
I went up to a Caribbean chef and asked him: "What Jamaican?"

Was hiking through a really rocky area one time when one of my friends point out a really big one. "Hey, guys, look. That one's boulder than the rest."

Peter Pan was so enthralled when he first flew that he swore that he would Neverland.

Inactive Roleplays / For the Throne - An Alternate Universe RP
« on: February 25, 2016, 04:23:09 PM »
  King Kraoleck stood on a balcony in the side of Sarahadoron, looking out over the village far below at the foot of the mountain. His slitted eyes could make out little movements throughout the whole town, creatures working and staying busy.
  If production kept going according to plan, Sarahadoron would be ready to go further north and inland within a season, around midsummer. It would be the perfect time to expand his control, no cold rain or snow, and no threat of frost.
  The monitor hissed in displeasure; he hated frost, and it had been frosty that morning, while his windows were left open by the servants. He would have to have to talk to his steward, Ordis Fletcher, about who was taking care of his room the night before and have them punished. If he had not awoken when he did, their king may have been frozen.
  Kraoleck turned away, his red tail following smoothly behind him. Passing between his two bodyguards, monitors just like him, as he exited the balcony, the king motioned that they follow him, which they did obediently. His second in command, Seht, was waiting nearby.
  "Ssseht, do you think we have enough ssoldierss in our army?"


  Faukin looked at the logging village on the edge of the Plantarre forest from a small rise. The town was bustling to and fro, the sounds of axes and hammers always present. Out of the forest came some freshly felled trees, stripped of leaves and limbs, on wheeled trolleys. They gradually made their way to a yard where they were stripped of bark and rough-hewn into workable pieces.
  So this was what they were talking about, the wildcat thought to herself. That rat family wasn't kidding when they said the town was always busy. Breathing in deeply, Fauken readjusted her satchel and made her way into the town, preparing herself to see how "King Kraoleck" really ran his creatures.

OOC Roleplaying Discussions / For the Throne - Discussion
« on: February 19, 2016, 06:08:35 AM »
  Out of the shores of the western ocean that encroached upon the land of Plantarre grew a mountain, a tall cone rising into the sky as a monolith against the ravages of time. Its magma had cooled eons before, and it was as cold beneath as it was to the touch above. But when the lava receded, it left tunnels through the whole mountain, twisting and winding like burrows of massive worms. Creatures discovered this mountain, and its wonders inside, and scooped out the touch passages to leave neater, walkable paths through the rock. It became known as the Mountain of the Fire Lizard, and later, Sarahadoron.
  Through the years, creatures settled around it on the dunes, using the ocean as a source of food, and the mountain as a landmark, and as a home. Eventually they settled further inland, but the mountain was ever a site for communities and centralization; it was almost their origin.
  As time went on, these creatures came under the rule of a king, who lead justly enough, and the land prospered for many years to come. That was until a beast from across the oceans came with fierce fighters and extreme viscousness, making their way all but unopposed into the very heart of Sarahadoron, and to the king. The only indication of what could have happened in that encounter was when the king's mutilated body was found far below at the base of the mountain, where he had been tossed out into the expanse.
  This intruder, a monitor lizard with rust-hued scales by the name of Kraoleck, took the throne of Sarahadoron as his own. The citizens of Plantarre could do little to resist this new dictator, as fear spread like wildfire, the poison of the mind. Kraoleck said it was for their survival that they serve his needs. Indeed, he convinced many of a land to the north who would surely sweep south into their land as an army, and kill indiscriminately; they would need to aid their king. Those who were strong enough to work were put to work. Those who worked already worked harder. Creatures became recluses into their own homes after dark, no social visits or rejoicing. It did not matter whether this northern threat was real or not. They were in the midst of it all no matter where they turned.
  But was it true? Was there really an evil peoples who would come as barbarians through their land? Furthermore, was this king, the monitor who claimed to be the true Fire Lizard, really one who would protect them in their time of need? Some would question their leader, quietly, and wonder if there were some way their land could be ridden of their trials.


I want to start RPing again! Hopefully this will get some people. . . :P

As you may have noticed, this is an alternate universe to the Redwall universe. Names such as Mossflower and Salamandastron have been replaced by Plantarre and Sarahadoron respectively. There is no castle or fortress resembling Redwall or Kotir, Martin and his sword never existed, and this is an entirely different chain of events to effect the history of the land.
Anyways, there are a few things I need to mention. First, all beasts are equally good or bad as the next. That means, good vermin and bad woodlanders are allowed (and encouraged). I would like to keep the two groups to be relatively even amounts, so if you want two characters, one of each would be nice. Accents are optional.

The characters that need to be taken are:
King Kraoleck and some of his creatures; they may be monitors, if you like, or any other species.
The leader of some renegades/outlaws, as well as some of his creatures.
Some citizens who get caught up in some way.
Foreigners are allowed, but any species not native to the books must be approved by me, and they must choose their side as cautiously as any foreigner would.

I may take some of these, if need be.

Character sheet:

Weapons: (Only if they are part of King Kraoleck's army or part of the rebels.)
History: (Optional)

2. Make worthwhile posts. Quality over quantity, but quantity over minimum.
3. Think of your own ideas to implement! The GM can have a general idea, but they can only do so much, and this RP is supposed to be interactive. I have no idea where you guys will help this lead to.
4. Have fun!

My characters: ShowHide

Name: King Kraoleck

Species: Monitor

Age: Early 40s.

Gender: Male

Weapons: A handsome longsword with a brass hilt set with an onyx gem on either side. It is carried in its scabbard by a sharkskin belt

Occupation: King of Sarahadoron

Appearance: Kraoleck is a monitor, with dry scales covering his body from snout to tail tip, all brown with a rusty red tint, though his neck and belly are just a plain light brown. His eyes are dark gold with slitted pupils, never blinking under his thick brows. His right top fang has been replaced with a gold replica that sticks out over his lower lip. He utilizes his physique to intimidate others, as he is by no means small or weak, being a monitor, and his appearance is quite frightening to many.
The king's apparel includes an embroidered yellow open front tunic with no sleeves, fastened at his waistwith a light chain, as well as his sword belt. He wears a blue cape when he is out of his fortress. During the winter months he wears longer clothing, though he stays inside the whole time due to the cold.

Personality: The monitor is a good portion of what one would not want as a leader: Tight-fisted, impatient, fire-tempered, and not prone to mercy. He has an obsession with being in control, almost an authority disorder, and he will do a lot to make sure it stays that way, either through trickery and fear, or physical means. He can be very sadistic, especially to prisoners, and may take care of his victims personally.

History: Born as a prince on an island to the south and west of Plantarre, Kraoleck eventually inherited the reign from his father, and immediately started an ambitious campaign to leave the increasingly populated island. They already had ships from pirates and other seafarers, and soon nearly the whole island's inhabitants were sailing out over the seas. After much time of hopping from one speck of land to another, Kraoleck discovered through word of ear of a land called Plantarre, and he coveted it for himself. But just this once, he could be patient, and devised plans to ensure his reign would be untroubled. . .

Other: He is not a beast to be taken lightly in most any field, as he is cunning in planning, as well as a skilled swords beast.

Name: Fauken (Fow-kin)

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Species: Wildcat

Appearance: Fauken may not be a summer rose, with an eyepatch over her left eye and the scar passing above and below it, but the right side of her face shows that she could be an attractive creature, with a pale blue eye set in her smooth speckled fur. She wears a light brown skirt and a green long-sleeved tunic, as well as a brown cloak. Around Fauken's waist is a satchel that has most things she needs, like some food, medical supplies, and a sling. Lastly, at her left side is a big knife which she uses for everything.

Personality: She is a very independent creature, always certain that she doesn't need help from anybeast, and quite content to travel around as she pleases. She doesn't trust others easily, especially with her past experiences. A wanderer and rebel at heart, she finds the idea of kings and queens to be frustrating and senseless, and will doubtlessly hate Kraoleck especially.

History: When Fauken was young, her father, who was a widower, took her off with him to find a better place to live. While he wasn't the most caring father, when they were attacked by a group of vermin who they had had a disagreement with, he defended her with his life and made sure she was off safe, though she bore the mark of battle on her eye. She hadn't seen him since. Now she wanders the land, stopping every so often for supplies when she needs them and moving on. Currently she finds herself near the logging village at the outskirts of the Plantarre Forest.

Other: Wants to travel northwards after a short stop near Sarahadoron.

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